Virtual vs. Real Race on Nürburgring’s Nordschleife

True Fans of motorsports are already counting the days till Sunday – and we are as well: After the mega-livestream of the 24-hour-race in May, Vodafone is now bringing the GT500 live into your home. Also “at the races” will be stars such as Lars Gutsche, Izzi and Mori. Watch the race plus many interesting background stories – of course in HD – on September 20th, 2015 at 2pm right here.

More HD-Livestream-Action: The ADAC SimRacing Trophy

While 56 GT3-racing cars fight their ways through the infamous „grüne Hölle“ („green hell“), another racing-highlight will take place at the Nürburgring Boulevard: 24 Top-SimRacers will be on a quest to defeat the race simulation RaceRoom Racing Experience and to win the ADAC RimRacing Trophy. We are streaming all that live from the SIMRacing EXPO.

The Great Battle: Virtual vs. Real

And finally, there will be another highlight – this time a world premiere: The virtual Forza 6 Z4 GT3 will race against the real BMW Z4 GT3. Both drivers’ stress levels will be monitored during the battle. Who will prove to have the stronger nerves?

Vodafone doesn’t only bring you close to the race track and up in the air, you will also be able to see the cars from the inside. We have equipped every race car with five SIM cards, so you will get exclusive pictures and data about the drivers’ physical constitutions. A special racing suit is measuring the pulse and stress level of the drivers, so the audience can follow the data in real time. Who has better nerves? How fast are the cars?